All meetings take place in Room 216.  Ring the doorbell for access.
3000 5th Street NW, New Brighton, MN 55112 (the school site)
Contact Helen Fisk @ for meeting access.
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The board does not have any committees.

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Please feel free to email individual board members.  See email addresses under the link to the right. All written correspondence should be sent to Global Academy and in care of the board member you would like to contact.
Global Academy
3000 5th Street NW
New Brighton, MN 55112

Global Academy
Board Agreements

Essential Agreements
The Global Academy Board governs; we don't manage. Our charge is to work with the director to set strategic direction, review and amend policies when necessary, monitor finances, and ensure that ambitious academic goals are met.

Board members must be present and prepared. Present means being at board meetings and fully engaged in the discussion. Being prepared means reading the monthly board packets before meetings and following through on board responsibilities when assigned.

The best interest of Global Academy comes first. Parents on the board will draw upon their students’ experience, but they must consider the needs of all students at Global Academy first. Faculty members will bring an important working knowledge of the school and professional expertise, but they must look beyond their own needs to consider the needs of all Global employees. Community at-large people will contribute an outside perspective and expertise, but they must be knowledgeable about Global and responsive to the needs of students, families, and employees.

All board members must declare any real or potential conflict of interest that might prevent them from acting in the best interest of Global Academy.

Strategy decisions are based on the Global Academy mission, the set of available resources at the time, and the best interests of Global Academy students, families, faculties and staff.

Policies will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that they meet legal requirements and reflect Global Academy’s commitment to deliver outstanding academic results in a culturally appropriate way.

Board members do not speak on behalf of the board outside of meetings unless designated by the board to do so.

Operating Agreements
Robert's Rules of Order is used as a tool for ensuring that every board member's voice is heard and that decisions are made clearly and fairly.

Agendas are determined by the board chair and the director, sent out to board members in advance of meetings, and amended as needed at the beginning of meetings.

Minutes are clear and concise. Board members are named only to identify them as present and in direct connection with motions they make, votes they take, and board responsibilities they agree to carry out on behalf of the board between meetings.

Ad hoc committees are convened when necessary, for a specific purpose, but there are no standing committees.

Board members are strongly encouraged to abstain on a vote only when they have been absent from previous discussion or when they have a direct conflict of interest.

Board packets are sent to board members electronically before meetings, whenever possible five days in advance of the meeting. Board members who are unable to attend a meeting or who cannot attend the whole meeting, must inform the board chair or the director in advance of the meeting. We also ask that they take the initiative to contact the board chair or the director to find out what they missed during the meeting so they can be prepared for the next meeting.

Members of the Global Academy board conduct board business during regularly scheduled board meetings only. Groups of board members do not gather face-to-face or through social media to discuss board business, build coalitions, or in any other way violate either the spirit of the Open Meeting Law or the law itself.   Board members will refrain from having side conversations or texting during meetings.


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