Global Academy is a public charter school that serves 430 students in grades K-8.   Global Academy has been recognized as a school that is “beating the odds” in terms of student academic performance. Below is key information about the school.

Global Academy is a free, chartered public elementary and middle school that
seeks to serve a diverse group of students. Global Academy is committed to service in
the broader world based on the goals of the International Baccalaureate Organization.
Empowered by academic rigor, graduates of Global Academy will be fully prepared for
success and leadership in challenging high school programs.

All students will have access to an internationally competitive education that will
prepare them for life in a global economy. Global Academy will create a learning
environment in which diverse students will develop a love of learning and become
responsible, global citizens. Global Academy students will be active, compassionate,
and lifelong learners who have the human and technological skills to be productive and
successful world citizens.

Beating the Odds 2010-2018

General Information

Annual Report and World's Best Workforce Report 2021-2022

World's Best Workforce Summary and Achievement and Integration Summary Progress Report 2021-2022

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World's Best WorkForce Results 2021-2022

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